6 Secret Thoughts All BookWorms Have

The book worms in your life might be spending more time with their nose in a book than the world around them, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been thinking about what’s been going on.

1. I wonder if they want to talk about…

It depends on the mood they’re in, but many hardcore readers are perpetually on the hunt for someone to talk about their books to. If you’re interested in striking up a conversation with your reader, asking about the book they’re holding is a surefire way to do it.

2. I hope no one sees me reading this!

All book worms have a “guilty pleasure” category, and if you catch yours with a book from it, chances are they’re going to be incredibly embarrassed…unless they know that you know what they read! This goes doubly so when they’re reading in public. Whoops!

3. What else has this author written?

Some authors are just that good. While some readers like to dip their toes into every available pond, a high quality author can pull them in and make them crave more. Other readers will tend to find a series and stick to it until they’re out of published books, so it’s a good bet that if your book worm’s looking engrossed, they’re contemplating sequels—or prequels, or anthologies, or companion guides…

4. I have to get my friend to read this!

This is one of the big ones. After all, there’s nothing that book worms like more than pulling their friends into doing the things they love—usually so that they have someone else to talk about their favorite titles with! If you’re close friends with a book worm, don’t be afraid to ask for a recommendation. Chances are, they’ve already picked out a few options with you in mind!

5. I’m trying to read, here!

Sometimes people make bad choices about where to start good books. If you’re noticing a grumpy expression on a book worm’s face, it might be thanks to the surrounding noise level, or how many people are trying to carry on a conversation while they read. When you need to talk to them, try waiting until they hit a chapter break, or see if they decide to put the book down for something else first.

6. Just one more chapter…

Last but not least, the one thought almost every reader is guaranteed to have. This is what keeps a book worm up until the wee hours of the morning, or makes them late for their own plans. “Just one more chapter,” and its close cousin, “Just one more page” are the bane of a reader’s schedule.

If you’ve had more than one of these thoughts, chances are, you’re a bookworm too!